February 11, 2017

Vouchers and Homeschooling

The other day, I talked about tax credits. In that article, I stated:
We should be doing things to preserve those rights and loosen the government regulations.
This week we see another example of why I said we shouldn't be taking government handouts for homeschooling and how it comes with strings attached. I'm sure by now you are aware of the H.R. 610.  Basically, H.R. 610 is to grant vouchers for everyone including homeschoolers.

Vouchers, no big deal. It's voluntary, right? If I don't want it I don't take it.  It's that simple; isn't it? Well not so much -- read the language of the bill.

The language in the bill makes it clear that states need to know exactly how many children are "eligible". In order to do this means all states must require homeschoolers to register. See, how it happens. See how something that I don't want -- I don't want the money, I never intend to take the money -- will require my state to change its laws. It will lead to registration -- even for those that currently do not have to register. The only way for a state to know exactly how many "eligible" students there are is to have some kind of registration process for homeschoolers.

Currently there are 11 states and 2 territories that do not require registration or any type of notification.  Passing of H.R. 610 as written, at the time of this post, will mean those states will have to start having some kind of registration. Not to mention states that don't have detail notification processes might have to change their laws. Some states even though they have registration don't require parents to give names or ages of their children.  I see something like H.R. 610 passing even changing those laws so that more detail registration is needed.

Reading the bill further there is also questions like: What does homeschooling cost? Who determines the cost? Will this lead to government determining what curriculum can and can't be used? etc. This is truly leaving the door open for more government regulations.  All for what? For some voucher --

Just another example of how government money comes with strings attached and why we should be saying, No.  You can read more on H.R.610 and learn how to let your legislator know where you stand on it here.

UPDATE: Tina has decided to "ditto" this post and add her own thoughts. You can read about it here: More on the (ugly) Trojan Horse Names Vouchers

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