January 18, 2017

Where can I get my (homeschool) ID?

A question I see often is how do I get a (teacher) ID card? How do I get (student) ID card for my kids? Simple answer MAKE ONE YOURSELF!

Yes, there are sites out there that will generate one for you. Some are free; some cost a little bit of money, but honestly you don't need those sites. You can do it yourself.

First, you will need some basic supplies and skills.
  • A computer with a word processing program of your choice. If you don't have one you can download Libre Office (Libre is a FREE office suite). 
  • Paper (I prefer business card ready cardstock, but any will do)
  • laminator with business size laminating pouches OR self-laminating pouches
  • Camera for taking pictures

Now this is where some skill comes in.

  • Picture - You will want to make the picture as basic and "school" like as possible. Do a head shot from about the shoulders up and have the background be as basic possible. Up against a plain wall is just fine. Make sure they are nice and bright too.
  • Paper layout - You will want to use a business card layout or basic business card template if you are unsure how to do that with your word processing program you will want to google it. If you get the business card ready paper, mentioned above, it will have instructions on how to set up the layout (I'm not giving more details then that because every word processing program is different). However, I will include a simple drawing of the typical layout below.
  • Print your ID cards; punch out if using the business card ready card stock; if using regular card stock or regular paper cut to size.
  • Laminate the cards with either a laminator and thermal pouches OR the self-laminating pouches

Yes, I know what you are thinking. That's very basic, Nikki! Yes, it is very basic. I personally feel that is all that is truly needed. If you look at public school ID cards that is all the information that is on them. Sometimes it may include a student ID number or a bar code and you could make that up too if you wanted.

I know many of the homeschool templates out there have a lot more information on there like address, phone number, child's birth date. Some of the even include the child's weight and other information. Honestly, that's NOT needed. You do not have to disclose all of that information and you certainly don't need to put that all on an ID card.

The template example above is the for a student. The teacher one would be made similar just instead of the grade put teacher. And in case if you haven't figured it out the smiley face is about where your child (or your) picture will go.

Now, why go through the hassle of making your own? Why not use one of those (homeschool) template sites that will generate one for me or even print it and mail it to me for a small fee? Well, I wouldn't use them because one they ask you to include way too much information on the card. The information I really don't want to enter into a site just to get a card or have on my ID cards. It just protects your ID and your children's ID to make them yourself. That and self-made ones can be a little bit more personalized with color schemes you want.

Some families even have a homeschool logo that they can add to the cards to make them more personalized. Or if you have a Bible verse or tagline for your homeschool you can add that too. I would add the Bible verse/tagline under the School Name and before the School Year.

Have fun playing around with this and making up your own ID cards for your homeschool.

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