January 24, 2017

I'm Sick! Now what?

I'm Sick! Now what?
Your child is sick and has been sick for a few days. You do what any parent does, at that moment, you take them to the doctor. The nurse takes you to the back, checks your child's vitals and make some reference about missing school and you possibly needing a doctor's note.
Oh, We homeschool. No note needed.
There at that moment is that awkward pause. You don't know where this is going. Reactions at this point are mixed. Sometimes it's friendly and positive; other times you are met with criticism. You brace for it -- it's coming:
You, homeschool? Then how the heck did your child get sick? He's not exposed to germs. I mean he's not in school with other kids.
That was a new one! Didn't see that one coming.  Seriously, I had that happen to us once. Although my son wasn't really seeing the doctor because he was sick. He was supposed to have surgery to correct his toe-walking and was sick the original surgery date and the nurse seriously questioned us on how the heck he got sick.

I just looked at her dumbfounded. Did she seriously think my child was immune from being sick because he was homeschooled? Most likely not. What she was really doing was alluding to the whole "socialization myth". I was nice to her and responded with:
Oh, we go places. grocery store, church, swimming, parks, musuems, zoos, etc. Yes, we homeschool, but my kids are out and about just like any other child.
Homeschoolers, don't have super powers they get sick just like everyone else. Often newbie homeschooler will start to panic and worry: How do we handle this? What about school work? Do we double up and play "catch up"? Do we just skip it and not worry about it? What if not all the kids are sick? What if you are the one sick and the kids are fine? What do I do? HELP!

Well, I will tell you what I do.  If any of us are sick we simply do not do school that day. It doesn't matter if it's me, just one of the kids, both kids, etc. If anyone is sick we simply don't do school for the day.

I also do NOT do catch up. If we miss a day or two, or a week or more, it's okay!! No big deal we just pick up where we left off. No worries, No stress.  There is no need to play "catch up". You are in charge of your days, routines, and schedule. There is nothing to "catch up" to. I know this is mind blowing especially for the newbies seeing they, and I was one, are worried about keeping up with the public schools.

LISTEN, You do not have to keep up with the public school's schedule. You can do school on any day or time of day that works best for your family.  Even if your state requires you to do a certain number of days or hours you can still have the flexibility to do school at a time that works best for you.

It's totally okay to just take the day off because of illness and pick up where you left off when everyone is healthy and ready to go.  It's okay for everyone to have the day off if it's  just one child that is sick. It's especially okay if it's mom that is sick to have the day off for everyone. And it is truly okay if illness lasts for days or weeks to not to do school during that time.

How do you handle your sick days? Love to hear from you! Leave a comment!

Photo used with permission.


Tina Hollenbeck said...

We are similar to you, Nikki - especially when my kids were younger and we did several different content areas together. Now that my kids are older and are doing most things independently, I could have one proceed while the sick one rests, and I have had them do a shortened schedule on days when I'm sick (i.e., if I cannot help with math or do the one work-with-mom activity we still do, they can still tackle a few other areas even if I'm laid up). BUT we mainly consider a sick day for one to be a sick day for all - and even if I have them do some work, it's never ever because I fear "falling behind." Nor do we "catch up" when the illness is over. We do what makes sense for our family as a whole each day - because we are free from anyone else's expectations.

Nikki W. (SAHMinIL) said...

Amen! -- I mean ditto to that!

Homeschooling ConnectSC said...

I take the doctor's excuse and put in my homeschool attendance records. Our law says we have to document 180 days. So, I usually document around those days--but, sometimes we school on those doctor visit days too. Afterall, that's actually a field trip!

It's interesting to see how many notes we accumulate in a year and still accomplish all our school "requirements".

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