January 10, 2017

Hello, I'm Tina

Tina H.
I'm Tina, co-author with Nikki of Ditto, She Wrote.

Nikki and I met online in a large national homeschool group back in early 2009, and we quickly realized we have far more than our "Irish Twin" kids in common. We're both passionate about homeschooling - about educating our own kids well, advocating for complete freedom for all private, independent homeschoolers, and encouraging others who are on the home education journey with us - and we see eye-to-eye about many other social/political issues as well. As Nikki mentions, we've often found ourselves "dittoing" each other as we offer advice to fellow moms in the group we co-admin along with a handful of wonderful helpers, and I find great comfort in having such a kindred spirit just a few keystrokes away. So we've decided to take things a step further by collaborating on this blog, where we plan to share ideas and insight from our combined 30+ years of parenting/home learning experience.

As for me personally, I'm an evangelical Christian, constitutionally conservative, home-educating mom of my own set of teenage Irish Twins. My Irish Twins are two girls, born 11.5 months apart (I thought I had the record on close-together births until I met Nikki!), both of whom I'll home-educate until high school graduation. I also have a daughter with the Lord - lost to a second-trimester miscarriage in 1998 but still very much part of our family in spirit. I've been married to my own Jeff for over 25 years (a bit longer than Nikki...and I'm a bit older, though we don't dwell on that difference!), and I'm currently humbly owned by four cats. Being a wife and mother is my first priority, but I also own The Homeschool Resource Roadmap, write for a couple of other parenting/homeschooling venues, and occasionally speak at homeschool-oriented events. I also enjoy exercising and singing on my church's worship team.

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