January 10, 2017

Hello, I'm Nikki

Nikki W.
I am Nikki and co-author of Ditto, She Wrote.

I have decided to partner with Tina to share some of my wisdom with fellow homeschooers.  I do not profess to be an expert. Ha- me an expert -- far from it.  It's just that Tina and I have noticed over the years that many of the same questions come up: what curriculum should I use; where do I get an ID; how do I keep records and a whole host of other questions.

We both have blogged about these things on our individual blogs over the years and have shared often on the group we co-admin -- were I find myself often saying "Ditto, what Tina said". It is because we both have a love of sharing our wisdom and wanted a place to share advice, with our personal take, but not so personal like our individual blogs that we have decided to start this new chapter together.

Now that you know my take on why this blog is here and its purpose a little about myself: I am a stay at home Catholic-Christian, home educating, mom of teenage Irish Twins.  (Having Irish Twins must have been my first ditto with Tina).  My Irish Twins are a boy, girl set with my son being the oldest, by 10 months. Currently, I am only homeschooling my daughter. Besides being a mom, I am a wife to my loving husband, Jeff (that's another ditto), of nearly two decades and the proud owner of 1 very loving dog, a puggle, named Puggy.

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